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Victoria Monét Takes the Throne with "On My Mama": A Bold Celebration of Self-Confidence

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Victoria Monét, the multi-talented singer-songwriter, unleashes her fierce and unapologetic side with her latest anthem, "On My Mama." In this empowering track, Monét embraces her own individuality, exudes confidence, and unapologetically celebrates her successes.

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The song kicks off with Monét boldly asserting herself against the notion that she inherited her greatness from her mother. She firmly acknowledges that her unique style and magnetic presence are entirely her own. Shedding the cloak of humility, she declares her intention to rise to the occasion, leaving behind any reservations. Monét's unabashed attitude challenges societal expectations, defying traditional norms and embracing self-expression.

I put that on my own mama, on my hood I look fly, I look good You can't touch my bag, wish you could I look fly, I look too good

The chorus serves as a bold affirmation of her self-assurance and impeccable style. Monét's assertiveness shines through as she proudly declares her undeniable flyness and overall appeal. She acknowledges her worth and subtly implies that others may envy her seemingly unattainable level of confidence. With each line, she exudes an unshakable belief in her own allure, emphasizing that her sense of self cannot be diminished.

The infectious post-chorus, featuring Chalie Boy, amplifies Monét's confidence even further. Their collaborative energy adds an extra layer of charisma to the track. Together, they emphasize the unassailable nature of their style, daring anyone to challenge or replicate their swag.

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In the second verse, Monét continues to showcase her lyrical prowess. Comparing herself to a grandmother with a peppermint, she playfully hints at her irresistibly captivating presence. Monét acknowledges that her sexual prowess is formidable, leaving her partners unable to resist her allure. She dismisses any negative opinions or judgments, emphasizing the irrelevance of others' perspectives. The lyrics serve as a testament to Monét's independence and self-assuredness, reinforcing her commitment to living life on her own terms.

Throughout "On My Mama," Monét exudes an undeniable air of self-confidence and authenticity. Her lyrical delivery is punctuated with a sense of power and self-assurance, captivating listeners with her unapologetic attitude. Monét's vocals are sleek and sultry, perfectly complementing the boldness of the track.

The song culminates in a triumphant outro, reiterating Monét's unshakable confidence. She affirms her flyness and self-assuredness, acknowledging the envy that her presence may evoke. Monét leaves no doubt that she stands tall and refuses to be diminished by the judgments of others.

Overall, "Victoria Monét's "On My Mama" is a powerful anthem that encourages listeners to embrace their individuality, celebrate their successes, and revel in their own unique beauty. With its infectious energy, empowering lyrics, and undeniable charisma, the song serves as a reminder to embrace confidence and fearlessly express oneself. Monét's unwavering self-assurance and unapologetic attitude make "On My Mama" an anthem for anyone seeking to embrace their own power and embrace their true selves."


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