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New Heartbreak Anthem "Reasons To Leave" By Suriel Hess

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Suriel Hess is an emerging artist from Los Angeles who crafts a distinctive fusion of electronic, experimental, and classical music. He's new single"Reasons to Leave"

is a soulful rendition of love, loss, and letting Go!

The song is a lament of a person who feels like a ghost in their own home after being left behind by someone they loved. They express their feelings of loneliness and emptiness, having been betrayed by the one who they trusted to keep their secrets. The protagonist believed that they were giving reasons for their lover to stay with them, but now they see that those reasons were only excuses for their lover to leave.

“ It was funny at first, but now it just hurts”

The lyrics describe how the protagonist built their world around their lover, only to have them leave with all the memories and possessions they shared. The protagonist's emotional pain is evident as they try to understand what went wrong and why they were left alone.

The chorus expresses the protagonist's disappointment in themselves for believing that they had given their lover enough reasons to stay. They feel like they showed their lover every part of themselves, both good and bad, and believed that their lover loved them for who they were. However, they now realize that those reasons were not enough, and their lover only wanted to leave.

The outro repeats the chorus, emphasizing the protagonist's pain and confusion about why their lover left. The song is a powerful expression of heartbreak and the feeling of being abandoned by someone who was once the center of their world.


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