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New EP From Canadian Singer "Loviet"

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

"The Nighttime is All in the Timing" is a captivating new indie pop EP from Toronto-based artist Loviet. Released on February 24, 2023, the EP features a collection of five thought-provoking and emotionally charged tracks that showcase Loviet's impressive musicianship and songwriting skills.

The EP opens with "Broken Lips," The song talks about a toxic relationship where the singer should have left a long time ago, but keeps staying in it. The singer feels like they become someone they don't want to be around their partner and that their partner makes them feel worthless.

I should relish in all the good we’re doing But my pessimistic heart was set for ruin

The second track, "Wide Eyes," Talks about a relationship that has ended, with the singer throwing out all the ex-partner's things. Despite the break-up, the singer expresses a desire to take the ex-partner's heart and make something beautiful out of it.

An upbeat and energetic song that showcases Loviet's dynamic vocal range and playful lyricism.

The song "Star Treatment" is about the feeling of being far away from someone you love and how distance can make you feel even more connected to them. The lyrics describe the artist's sensitivity and willingness to stand up for themselves, but also their love for someone who is not present.

"January," which is the fourth track, depicts a sense of being lost and grappling to discover purpose in life. The writer raises doubts about the authenticity of their interactions with others and ponders whether they are just putting up a front. They convey a yearning to detach themselves and retreat from society.

The EP's closing track, "Some Kind of Drug," that has already become a fan favorite, The song is about being under the influence of someone they love and finding it hard to let go. They express feeling like they are under some kind of drug and wanting to come up from it. The singer describes their struggle with getting over the person and the intense physical and emotional effects they have on them.

Overall, "The Nighttime is All in the Timing" is a stunning indie pop EP that showcases Loviet's exceptional talent and musicality. With its dreamy melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and soulful vocals, the EP is sure to resonate with fans of indie pop and singer-songwriter music. Loviet's Canadian roots are also evident throughout the EP, with nods to Toronto's vibrant music scene and cultural diversity.


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