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MUNGMUNG Sings About "Prince Charming"

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

The latest song release in the R&B scene is a mesmerizing and romantic song "Prince Charming" from the Sydney-based artist MUNGMUNG that will capture your heart!

The lyrics beautifully express the idea of destiny and true love, as the artist sings about her admiration for "Prince Charming", who she sees as the knight in shining armor. With every note, the song paints a vivid and enchanting picture of a fairytale-like love story that feels both realistic and idealistic at the same time.

"I see the white horse pull up, and you in your get up."

The chorus features a repeated phrase that creates a catchy and memorable hook, "I see the white horse pull up, and you in your get up." The imagery used in the song is breathtaking, with lines like "the flowers bloom right under your feet," and "with you, time stops altogether," making the listener feel as though they're a part of a magical world.

The song's message of embracing imperfections and cherishing them as reasons to love someone even more is both uplifting and relatable. The artist's voice is smooth and soulful, with each word hitting the heartstrings in just the right way.

Overall, this song is a must-listen for anyone who believes in true love and destiny. It's a perfect addition to any romantic playlist and will leave you feeling enchanted and in awe of the power of love.


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