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KennyHoopla and Travis Barker Collaborate on "SABOTAGE//" - A Haunting Reflection on Love

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

In their powerful collaboration, "SABOTAGE//," rising artist KennyHoopla and legendary drummer Travis Barker deliver a haunting exploration of love, loss, and the destructive patterns that can unravel our lives. With introspective lyrics and an infectious blend of alternative and punk rock sounds, the duo dives into the depths of emotional turmoil, painting a vivid picture of the human struggle against self-sabotage.

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The song begins with KennyHoopla grappling with the concept of mortality and the stages of grief. He reflects on the challenges faced growing up in his hometown, where survival is considered a stroke of luck. The artist acknowledges the fragile nature of success, how the light he shines can quickly turn to darkness, leaving everyone blind. Though uncertain about being in love, he knows he fits the mold of the one the other person desires.

Always find another way to ruin things Through suffering and sabotage As if this life was ever in your odds It takes so long to fall apart

The pre-chorus emphasizes the limitations of capturing the true essence of a moment through pictures. KennyHoopla recognizes that images fail to convey the full depth of human experience and the emotions tied to it.

The chorus dives into the central theme of the song—finding ways to ruin things through self-inflicted suffering and sabotage. The lyrics speak to a belief that life was never meant to be in our favor, suggesting an underlying feeling of helplessness. The process of falling apart takes time, leaving a lasting impact on the individual.

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Moving into the second verse, the lyrics allude to the pervasive nature of hate, which has become institutionalized. The artist's heart is burdened and damaged by the sorrows inflicted by others. The reference to architecture, specifically the face, symbolizes the fragility of one's identity. What was once a humble structure eventually crumbles under the weight of external pressures.

Returning to the chorus, the repetitive lines highlight the perpetual cycle of finding new ways to destroy what is precious. The mention of suffering and sabotage further emphasizes the destructive patterns and the belief that life has always been stacked against the individual. The process of falling apart is agonizingly slow, further deepening the emotional weight of the song.

In the bridge, KennyHoopla draws upon vivid imagery, describing the feeling of the entire world resting on his shoulders. He likens haunted houses, filled with ghosts of the past, to his relationships, suggesting an enduring commitment to face difficult situations with his loved ones. The final chorus echoes the earlier sentiments, emphasizing the constant search for ways to undermine one's own happiness. The recurring themes of suffering, sabotage, and the odds being stacked against us intensify the sense of desperation and resignation. The journey towards falling apart is a prolonged and painful one.

Overall, "SABOTAGE//" by KennyHoopla featuring Travis Barker is a profound and introspective exploration of the human struggle against self-destruction. With its haunting melodies, raw lyrics, and dynamic collaboration between KennyHoopla and Travis Barker, the song captivates listeners, inviting them to reflect on their own battles with self-sabotage. Through their collective artistry, KennyHoopla and Travis Barker create a powerful musical experience that resonates long after the song ends."


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