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Aida Lae's "Trust Issues" Captures The Fear Of Giving Your All In Love

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Swedish singer-songwriter Aida Lae has just released her latest single titled "Trust Issues". The song revolves around the struggles of opening up to love, and the fear of being hurt or hurting someone else.

In "Trust Issues", Aida admits that she still lives in the past and finds it hard to make promises for the future. She talks about her self-sabotaging behavior, which stems from her inability to let go of her past. She feels insecure and doubtful about her relationship, even though her partner treats her well and makes her feel loved.

Let me be honest I still live in the past Nothing I can promise Thinking we won't last

The chorus of the song focuses on Aida's trust issues and how they impact her relationships. She acknowledges that she has trust issues and that they might be an obstacle to finding love. She is afraid that she might mess things up and become her partner's trust issue.

In the second verse, Aida talks about how she wishes things could be different and how she hates to be a cliché. She knows that her partner is nice, but she can't give her all to him because of her trust issues. She doesn’t want to hurt him and thinks it's best if they don't pursue the relationship.

The bridge of the song is a moment of vulnerability for Aida, as she expresses her fears of breaking her partner’s heart. She is scared that she might push him away and then regret it. She wonders if her self-sabotaging behavior will ultimately lead to her becoming her partner's trust issue.

"Trust Issues" is a beautifully written and produced track that showcases Aida's soulful and emotive vocals. The song's R&B and pop-infused production provide a perfect backdrop to Aida's heartfelt lyrics, making it an instant earworm.

Overall, "Trust Issues" is a relatable and introspective track that delves into the complexities of love and relationships. Aida's vulnerability and honesty make the song all the more compelling, and it's sure to strike a chord with anyone who has ever struggled with trust issues.


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